Green Fire

Silhouette Desire #277
Originally Published April 1, 1986
Recently published January 1, 1999
Silhouette Books Paperback
Out of Print

Stray Cat Strut

Flint Cottrell had been driven all his life by a restlessness that didn’t allow any peace. He chased legends and treasures, wrote about them, sold his stories to magazines when he could, did odd jobs when he couldn’t. But the night Rani Garroway opened her door, he knew he’d found that elusive “something” he’d been searching for.

Rani stared at the handsome, thoroughly rain-soaked stranger, who looked like a battle-scarred alley cat demanding shelter. As his exotic green eyes locked with hers, she realized that he could set her safe, risk-free life on fire – green fire – and the flames were already licking ather heart.

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