QUESTION: What about the St. Helens books, AMARYLLIS, ZINNIA and ORCHID?

ANSWER: Before I started the Harmony series I wrote a trilogy set on another world, St. Helens. It, too, was colonized during the era when the Curtain was open. I’m happy to say those books are back in print.

QUESTION: Where did you get the dust-bunnies that star in the Harmony book trailer videos?

ANSWER: Those bunny actors are real. They are Grand Champion English Angora Rabbits raised and shown by Betty Chu. Check out her website for more information: Betty Chu

QUESTION: Are the Harmony books linked to the Arcane Society series?

ANSWER: Although the first few Harmony titles make no direct mention of Arcane, paranormal ability is evident on Harmony and references to the ancient Society are made in SILVER MASTER and DARK LIGHT. Harmony has now officially joined the Arcane series. In OBSIDIAN PREY (August 25, 2009) you will meet the Sweetwater family, descendants of the mysterious Sweetwaters who first appear in RUNNING HOT. The Sweetwaters are a family of professional assassins who occasionally work for Jones & Jones. Some things still haven’t changed…