Stormy Challenge

Silhouette Special Edition #35 First published Jul, 1982 Stormy Challenge Leya Brandon didn't know what — if anything — she could believe of all Court Tremayne told her. He'd already lied about his name. And while she thought her heart clearly wasn't at risk, she'd clearly underestimated his all-consuming desire to win her for his own. Little did she know that Court had no intention of stopping. Not until he'd left her hungering for his lean strength, shivering at his … [Read more...]

Dangerous Magic

Silhouette Special Edition #15 First published Apr, 1982 Dangerous Magic Sleeping her way to the top was not Elissa Sheldon's style... Sure, she had skills and intelligence, but senior work colleague Wade Taggert was convinced that Elissa had slept with a married man to advance her career. Elissa was furious at Wade's assumptions and was very tempted to quit her job—but when he had the nerve to blackmail her into an affair of his own, the opportunity for revenge was too sweet … [Read more...]