Harlequin Intrigue #10 First published Dec, 1984 Legacy Constantine Landry has one foot in the business world and one at the track. Legacy is the foal of his stepfather’s champion stallion and Conn’s only remaining link to the man who raised him. Honor Mayfield has a sister in trouble and she’ll do anything to make that trouble disappear—even if it means risking her own life in the process. Conn steps in to keep Honor out of trouble, but Honor soon … [Read more...]

The Waiting Game

Harlequin Intrigue #17, Made in America: Washington #47 First published May, 1985 The Waiting Game Appearing as a major motion picture on The Movie Channel( in August 1998, this unbeatable story delivers a passionately romantic adventure amidst an intriguing, fast-paced search for a cache of gold and the man who knows its location.Two lovers caught in an intriguing and passionate adventure - Feeling burned out, Sara Fraser abandons her trendy lifestyle and sets off to the mountain … [Read more...]