Queen of Hearts

MacFadden Romance #157 First published Feb, 1979 A LESSON IN LOVEWhen Nat Halleck begged her to pretend to be his fiancée, Jenna firmly refused. It simply wasn’t in her to be so deceptive, even as a favor for such a good friend. Then she met Nat’s older brother, Adam and Jenna took on her role with fire and conviction. Adam Halleck was unbelievable! So smug, so domineering, so determined to have his own way. What a pleasure it will be to teach that man a lesson, … [Read more...]

Vintage of Surrender

MacFadden Romance #132 First published Jan, 1979 Vintage of Surrender Dynamic, intense, overwhelmingly masculine—Luke Clinton knew exactly what he wanted and Jennifer Ingram soon found that he would stop at nothing to make her his wife. But she couldn't possibly marry him! The idea was simply absurd. They barely knew each other, Jenny argued, and besides, she didn't love him ... But Luke's captivating green eyes defied her words of protest; his embrace, overpowering her senses … [Read more...]