Gentle Pirate

Candlelight Ecstasy Romance #2 First published Dec, 1980 Gentle Pirate Simon Kendrick has been brought in to reorganize the company Kirsten Mallory works at and shows his intimidating nature in their first interview. But Kirsten isn't afraid to lose her job and as a professional librarian has written up exactly what her department does for the company. … [Read more...]

Conflict of Interest

Candlelight Ecstasy Romance #130 First published Apr, 1983 Conflict of Interest Beautiful Kali Havelock was all business. As VP of Interaction Automation, Inc., she was determined to outsmart the competition and corner the rights to the most advanced industrial robots. . .robots invented by the impossibly brilliant, outrageously handsome — and stubborn — Lang Sterling. Kali was a master of manipulation, but was it possible she'd miscalculated? She was about to offer … [Read more...]

Power Play

Candlelight Ecstasy Romance #79 First published Sep, 1982 Power Play Talia Haywood was searching for an old family friend. The last place he worked, Talia met Kane Sebastian. Talia resorts to blackmail to get his help. … [Read more...]


Candlelight Ecstasy Romance #91 First published Oct, 1982 Spellbound Who would have thought there was so much soft excitement under that sophisticated veneer? he whispered. "What other secrets are you hiding, sweet witch?" … [Read more...]

Affair of Risk

Candlelight Ecstasy Romance #55 First published May, 1982 Affair of Risk A strange flash of elemental recognition arced between them. The shock was staggering. Kendra Loring gasped as she met the full force of Case Garrett's night-dark gaze. Yet they had never met! And once she finished her business, she promised herself, they would never meet again. Danger and darkness lurked just beneath the glittering surface of the elegant Lake Tahoe casino. Kendra had sworn that no man would … [Read more...]

Relentless Adversary

Candlelight Ecstasy Romance #45 First published Feb, 1982 Relentless Adversary With his jade eyes and jet hair, Locke Channing made Kelly Winfield weak with desire—and dismay! He had the power to ruin her career and break her heart, and the easy assurance of a man who always got his way. - Now that he had been hired to catch a thief at Forrester Stereo, how long would it take him to learn her secret? He was too close for comfort— to the truth, and to Kelly herself. It … [Read more...]

A Man’s Protection

Candlelight Ecstasy Romance #36 First published Jan, 1982 A Man's Protection He was hard and she knew it went deeper than his broad shoulders, lean hips, and strong thighs. Southern California machismo and money! His power was vastly more compelling than the superficial charm of other men, but he used it to the same purpose—to get what he wanted. And last night he had wanted her! How humiliating to wake up in his bed with a long hangover and a short memory. But Chandra … [Read more...]

A Negotiated Surrender

Candlelight Ecstasy Romance #68 First published Jun, 1982 A Negotiated Surrender After the sale of Chapman Inc. to York Instruments, Calla is aware that Slade York expects her to continue working in the same capacity under his employ. Slade is intrigued with Calla so much so that he blackmails her to stay with the company for a while. From there it's battle of wills especially in the bedroom. … [Read more...]

Bargain With the Devil

Candlelight Ecstasy Romance #26 First published Jun, 1981 Bargain With the Devil Every line of his face, from the deep-set eyes to the arrogant nose and harshly carved cheekbones, declared that this was a man who lived by his own rules. He hadn't come to Tucson for his health. Hunter Manning wanted revenge. Stacy Rylan looked into the eyes of the man who meant to ruin her father. She had made a bargain - agreed to marry him if he would stop his threats. With a coolly possessive … [Read more...]

Right of Possession

Candlelight Ecstasy Romance #23 First published May, 1981 Right of Possession Josh Corbett has come to take Reva Waring as he had stated four months ago. It didn't matter that she didn't want him in her life. … [Read more...]