Ruthless Love

2-in-1 with Corporate Affair and Lover in Pursuit First published Mar, 2014 Ruthless Love SOMETIMES LOVE CAN BREAK YOUR HEART... Corporate Affair (originally published June 1982 in Silhouette Desire #1, writing as Stephanie James) Kalinda Brady arrives in Colorado with one thing on her mind: revenge against the ex-fianc … [Read more...]

Reckless Nights

2-in-1 with Stormy Challenge and Reckless Passion First published Nov, 2013 Reckless Nights Love has a dangerous side in these compelling classics from New York Times bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz STORMY CHALLENGE (originally published July 1982 in Silhouette Special Edition #35, writing as Stephanie James) Leya Brandon doesn’t know what—if anything—to believe about Court Tremayne. He already lied about his name. And while she thinks her heart isn’t … [Read more...]

Wildest Dreams

2-in-1 with Velvet Touch and Renaissance Man First published Aug, 2013 Wildest Dreams Love never goes by the book... VELVET TOUCH (originally published August 1982 in Silhouette Desire #11, writing as Stephanie James) Lacey Seldon is determined to cut loose from her librarian past. An island paradise in Puget Sound seems the perfect place to find liberation...until she meets Holt Randolph. He’s unlike any man she’s ever met, with a touch that makes her hunger for … [Read more...]

Seduction and Surrender

2-in-1 Anthology re-release First published Jun, 2004 Seduction and Surrender Seduction Townsfolk called him devil. For dark and enigmatic Julian, Earl of Ravenwood, was a man with a legendary temper and a first wife whose mysterious death would not be forgotten. Some said the beautiful Lady Ravenwood had drowned herself in the black, murky waters of Ravenwood Pond. Others whispered of foul play and the devil's wrath. Now country-bred Sophy Dorring is about to become … [Read more...]

Dreams: Parts 1 & 2

2-in-1 Anthology re-release First published Sep, 1992 Dreams: Parts 1 & 2 A Jayne Ann Krentz Classic. Now in eBook. The legend of The Chained Lady has been forgotten until now...Diana Prentice and Colby Savagar are haunted by dreams from the past. There is only one way to release the dreams and reclaim their lives. They must break the curse and free the spirit of The Chained Lady. It will take strength, passion, and a love to last a lifetime. Published September 1992 by Harlequin … [Read more...]

Dangerous Games

2-in-1 with The Devil to Pay and Wizard First published Nov, 2008 Dangerous Games The Devil To Pay (originally published in Silhouette Desire #187, 1985) Emelina Stratton was desperate to save her brother's life. Desperate enough to ask mafia-chieftain-in-hiding Julian Colter for help. The man, shrouded in mystery and with lethal good looks, said yes. For a price, of course. Emmy would have The Devil To Pay. Especially since she was what Julian demanded in return. Wizard … [Read more...]

The Man in the Mask

2-in-1 with Fabulous Beast and Night of the Magician First published Nov, 2007 The Man in the Mask Look in his eyes. He's hiding something... Fabulous Beast (originally published in Silhouette Desire #127, 1984) Shy daydreamer Tabitha Graham had a vivid imagination. When she rescued tourist Devin Coulter from a back-alley mugging, she imagined that she'd found a soul mate in the sweet, quiet man. But Dev was no tourist, that was no simple mugging and Tabby's perfect gentleman was … [Read more...]

The Pirate, The Adventurer & The Cowboy

3-in-1 Anthology re-release First published May, 2006 The Pirate, The Adventurer & The Cowboy The Pirate (originally published in Harlequin Temptation #287 in January 1990) Katherine Inskip's life is at a complete standstill. She's overworked, stressed out and feeling blasé about love—a bad state for the author of historical romances to find herself in. A vacation is what she needs—sun, sand and relaxation. But on a beautiful South Seas island, Kate finds a whole lot more … [Read more...]

No Going Back

2-in-1 with Soft Focus and After Dark First published Jul, 2004 No Going Back Two exciting novels by one talented New York Times bestselling author, together for the first time in a single volume.SOFT FOCUSExecutive Elizabeth Cabot knows when to cut her losses—and she runs her personal life the same way. So when she learns that Jack Fairfax has deceived her, she's determined to end their romantic relationship. But breaking up their business deal is trickier—after all, … [Read more...]

Dangerous Affair

2-in-1 with Dangerous Magic and Affair of Honor First published Mar, 2004 Dangerous Affair Dangerous Magic and Affair of Honor in one volume, written as Stephanie James … [Read more...]