Raven’s Prey

Silhouette Intimate Moments #21 First published Nov, 1983 Raven's Prey On the wrong end of a bad business deal, Honor Knight tries to flee the U.S. and instead finds herself the victim of a kidnapping. Judd Raven has been hired by Honor’s father and brother to bring her home. He’s been warned that she’s a pathological liar and Honor must convince him that the men who hired him are cold-hearted killers. Can she crack Judd’s rock-hard exterior before … [Read more...]

Serpent in Paradise

Silhouette Intimate Moments #9 First published Aug, 1983 Serpent in Paradise A Jayne Ann Krentz Classic. First time in eBook. A girl walks into a bar. When Amy Shannon enters The Serpent, a seedy island bar, she immediately catches the eye of Jase Lassiter. He knows she doesn’t belong in his little hole in the wall, but he will do whatever it takes to keep her there. Originally published August 1983 in Silhouette Intimate Moments #9, writing as Stephanie James. … [Read more...]

Gambler’s Woman

Silhouette Desire #115 First published Feb, 1984 Gambler's Woman Dark, dangerous Jordan Kyle lived life on his own terms, setting his own rules and playing for high stakes. He'd moved through this world alone, and was satisfied to have it that way—until he encountered Alyssa Chandler. By day Alyssa was a cool, controlled mathematical whiz, sorting through facts and figures. By night it was a different story. At night she became a creature of beauty and passion who was more … [Read more...]

Stormy Challenge

Silhouette Special Edition #35 First published Jul, 1982 Stormy Challenge Leya Brandon didn't know what — if anything — she could believe of all Court Tremayne told her. He'd already lied about his name. And while she thought her heart clearly wasn't at risk, she'd clearly underestimated his all-consuming desire to win her for his own. Little did she know that Court had no intention of stopping. Not until he'd left her hungering for his lean strength, shivering at his … [Read more...]

Dangerous Games

2-in-1 with The Devil to Pay and Wizard First published Nov, 2008 Dangerous Games The Devil To Pay (originally published in Silhouette Desire #187, 1985) Emelina Stratton was desperate to save her brother's life. Desperate enough to ask mafia-chieftain-in-hiding Julian Colter for help. The man, shrouded in mystery and with lethal good looks, said yes. For a price, of course. Emmy would have The Devil To Pay. Especially since she was what Julian demanded in return. Wizard … [Read more...]

Dangerous Magic

Silhouette Special Edition #15 First published Apr, 1982 Dangerous Magic Sleeping her way to the top was not Elissa Sheldon's style... Sure, she had skills and intelligence, but senior work colleague Wade Taggert was convinced that Elissa had slept with a married man to advance her career. Elissa was furious at Wade's assumptions and was very tempted to quit her job—but when he had the nerve to blackmail her into an affair of his own, the opportunity for revenge was too sweet … [Read more...]

The Silver Snare

Silhouette Desire #85 First published Sep, 1983 The Silver Snare I'M GOING TO MAKE You MINE,.JESSIE. TOTALLY. COMPLETELY Their strong wills clashed from the moment the small plane crash-landed in the desert. But only one could win: Lucas Kincaid, primitive male, who dared to claim Jessica Travers with primal passion and power. Now that the nightmare was over, she thought she could escape on a luxury cruise to Mexico. Relentlessly, Lucas followed, determined to transform her icy … [Read more...]

Dangerous Affair

2-in-1 with Dangerous Magic and Affair of Honor First published Mar, 2004 Dangerous Affair Dangerous Magic and Affair of Honor in one volume, written as Stephanie James … [Read more...]

Worth the Risk

2-in-1 with The Challoner Bride and The Wizard First published Sep, 2002 Worth the Risk The Challoner Bride by Stephanie James Possession of the Torres dagger had separated their families long ago — now it brought Angie Morgan and Flynn Challoner together. But would iron-willed Flynn's plans for their future undo the past? Wizard by Stephanie James Ivory towers held no lure for Sophia Bennett — she wanted a man's man, one barely tamed. Yet upon meeting Dr. Max … [Read more...]

Night of the Magician

Silhouette Desire #145 First published Jul, 1984 Night of the Magician He was pure magic ——- If there was one thing Ariana Warfield understood, it was money. As a financial planner, she'd known immediately that her aunt Philomena was being swindled by a charlatan. Lucian Hawk, darkly seductive and devastating magician, was the perfect choice to unmask the fraud. But from the moment they met, Ariana realized that his dangerous spells threatened to shatter her well-planned … [Read more...]