Queen of Hearts

MacFadden Romance #157
Originally Published February 1, 1980
MacFadden Books Paperback
Out of Print


When Nat Halleck begged her to pretend to be his fiancée, Jenna firmly refused. It simply wasn’t in her to be so deceptive, even as a favor for such a good friend. Then she met Nat’s older brother, Adam and Jenna took on her role with fire and conviction. Adam Halleck was unbelievable! So smug, so domineering, so determined to have his own way. What a pleasure it will be to teach that man a lesson, Jenna thought. How I’ll laugh when Adam finds out he’s been tricked!

But when Adam took her in his arms, Jenna’s plans were suddenly turned upside down. It seemed that Adam would win the last laugh after all…while Jenna was taught a lesson in love.

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