Gambler’s Woman

Silhouette Desire #115 First published Feb, 1984 Gambler's Woman Dark, dangerous Jordan Kyle lived life on his own terms, setting his own rules and playing for high stakes. He'd moved through this world alone, and was satisfied to have it that way—until he encountered Alyssa Chandler. By day Alyssa was a cool, controlled mathematical whiz, sorting through facts and figures. By night it was a different story. At night she became a creature of beauty and passion who was more … [Read more...]

The Silver Snare

Silhouette Desire #85 First published Sep, 1983 The Silver Snare I'M GOING TO MAKE You MINE,.JESSIE. TOTALLY. COMPLETELY Their strong wills clashed from the moment the small plane crash-landed in the desert. But only one could win: Lucas Kincaid, primitive male, who dared to claim Jessica Travers with primal passion and power. Now that the nightmare was over, she thought she could escape on a luxury cruise to Mexico. Relentlessly, Lucas followed, determined to transform her icy … [Read more...]

Night of the Magician

Silhouette Desire #145 First published Jul, 1984 Night of the Magician He was pure magic ——- If there was one thing Ariana Warfield understood, it was money. As a financial planner, she'd known immediately that her aunt Philomena was being swindled by a charlatan. Lucian Hawk, darkly seductive and devastating magician, was the perfect choice to unmask the fraud. But from the moment they met, Ariana realized that his dangerous spells threatened to shatter her well-planned … [Read more...]


Silhouette Desire #163 First published Sep, 1984 Nightwalker DEAD OF NIGHT Cassie was alone in the old mansion when the lights went out. Then three knocks on the heavy front door resounded through the house. Lashed by rain, Justin Drake stood at her doorstep. A sudden bolt of lightning illuminated the dark form of the man who had come to exact the revenge he had promised - her seduction. But soon strange events began to occur, and Cassie wondered if she had tumbled into a … [Read more...]

The Devil to Pay

Silhouette Desire #187 First published Feb, 1985 The Devil to Pay Dangerous Games —-Just as Emelina Stratton was about to break into an empty beach cottage, a man materialized out of the fog with a Doberman at his heel. Julian Colter was as quietly lethal-looking as his dog. A man who exuded an aura of command that forced Emmy under its sway. It was easy to believe the local gossip that he was a Mafia kingpin hiding out until things cooled off back East. But Emmy was … [Read more...]

Fabulous Beast

Silhouette Desire #127 First published Apr, 1984 Fabulous Beast Tabitha Graham thought she had found a soul mate when she rescued Dev Colter from a dangerous situation. She thought he was a kindred spirit: gentle, shy, and in need of love. But Dev had a secret life that made him as dangerous as any of the fabulous, legendary beasts the bookstore owner had studied.When she fled from his sensual claim, his pursuit was relentless. Once he had tasted Tabitha,Dev had no intention of … [Read more...]

Cautious Lover

Silhouette Desire #253 First published Mar, 1986 Cautious Lover Jess Winter was a cautious lover, but Elly Trent knew there was warmth locked beneath his controlled facade. Perhaps playing the seductress would provide the key... … [Read more...]

Golden Goddess

Silhouette Desire #235 First published Oct, 1985 Golden Goddess Smuggled treasure. Hannah Prescott had indulged in an innocent fantasy about Jarrett Blade, the handsome stranger books on the same plane with her on her vacation to Hawaii. But when this same man forced his way into her life by breaking into her hotel room to retrieve a golden fertility goddess found with her luggage, fantasy and reality seemed to close for comfort. Smuggler or legitimate art dealer, Jarrett was an … [Read more...]

Battle Prize

Silhouette Desire #97 First published Nov, 1983 Battle Prize Warring Desires —- It started so innocently, when rugged, sensual Gage Fletcher challenged Rani Cameron to a war game. But Rani soon felt his desire to dominate her—to make her leave the charm of New Mexico, and to take her back to Dallas to confront a difficult relationship from her past. And Gage's demands didn't stop at business—he wanted Rani to fall in love with him, too. Rani tried to win their … [Read more...]

Affair of Honor

Silhouette Desire #49 First published Mar, 1983 Affair of Honor Icy eyes held Professor Brenna Llewellyn captive until Ryder Sterne decided that his lovely prisoner wasn't a trespasser after all. But the electricity between them had just begun. In Ryder's embrace, Brenna could almost forget the turmoil that had driven her to this mountain retreat. Now she faced a new challenge: a lover who took absolute possession. … [Read more...]