Price of Surrender

Silhouette Desire #37 First published Jan, 1983 Price of Surrender An affair to remember. Holt Sinclaire thought everything had its price—until he met a woman who couldn't be bought. Adena West had come to him on a matter of business, but suddenly it was a different affair. With reckless courage she entered his corporate jungle, only to become passion's prey. Seduced by his lazy insinuating grace, she abandoned all caution in his arms, a prisoner of desire … [Read more...]

Lover in Pursuit

Silhouette Desire #19 First published Oct, 1982 Lover in Pursuit The light in his ambers eyes lit embers that hadn't died. But Reyna MacKenzie vowed she'd never again succumb to Trevor Langdon's promise of love. He'd come to Hawaii to reclaim her. But six months in the tropics had changed Reyna from a cool career woman to a tawny tigress who had come to her senses at last. She was ready for a blazing affair - until the fire she started flared out of control … [Read more...]