Corporate Affair

Silhouette Desire #1 First published May, 1982 Corporate Affair Under Kalinda Brady's cool silk surface was a smoldering heart waiting to be set afire. But the beautiful tycoon hadn't expected the sparks to fly with Rand Alastair, artist and fisherman, the stranger whose caresses left her yearning for more. Kalinda had come to Colorado determined to avenge a lost love. She had arranged the setup, and her ex-fiancee had taken the bait. But she was shaken by Rand's powerful embrace, … [Read more...]

A Passionate Business

Silhouette Romance #89, Silhouette Romance Collectors Edition First published Apr, 1981 A Passionate Business SHE WOULD ONLY MARRY FOR LOVE... Lifting her glass in salute, Hilary congratulated herself for nipping her father's plans in the bud. Ever since he decided to arrange her marriage, Hilary had been fending off wealthy entrepreneurs whose only real passion was for the Forrester restaurant chain. Unfortunately, Hilary was part of the deal. But this time she had visited the next … [Read more...]

Green Fire

Silhouette Desire #277 First published May, 1986 Green Fire Stray cat strut. Flint Cottrell had been driven all his life by a restlessness that didn't allow any peace. He chased legends and treasures, wrote about them, sold his stories to magazines when he could, did odd jobs when he couldn't. But the night Rani Garroway opened her door, he knew he'd found that elusive "something" he'd been searching for. Rani stared at the handsome, thoroughly rain-soaked stranger, who looked like … [Read more...]

Saxon’s Lady

Silhouette Desire Promotional Release (Unnumbered) First published May, 1987 Saxon's Lady He was there to claim his bride. Devon Ellwood had been about to leave her small hometown when Garth Saxon had swept her into his arms for one passion-filled night. She'd agreed to return to marry him, but had insisted on a year of freedom. Now the time was up. Her searing memories were a persuasive lure, but she wasn't about to let Garth win so easily! Garth was the kind of man who always got … [Read more...]

The Challoner Bride

Silhouette Desire #342 First published Jan, 1987 The Challoner Bride He Was a Soldier of FortuneA man with a past. But Flynn Challoner had big plans for the future. Hard-driving and iron-willed, he meant to find a dynasty . . . and for that he needed a woman.Angie Morgan had every reason to doubt Flynn. He had deceived her, seduced her; now he wanted to lure her into a marriage she had sworn never to accept. She was no man's brood mare, and she had told him she would marry for … [Read more...]

Second Wife

Silhouette Desire #307, Born in the USA #3: Arizona First published Oct, 1986 Second Wife To err is human. Flynn Rammage had not behaved well. Eight months ago, hurting from the breakup of his marriage, he'd been angry at the world. That hadn't stopped his attraction to Heather Devany, but he'd loved, then left her. Now he was back on her doorstep, wanting a second chance. But Heather wasn't interested; she'd been hurt too badly before. Flynn had just gotten custody of his young … [Read more...]


Silhouette Desire #211 First published Jun, 1985 Wizard Intellectual Sophia Bennett knew what kind of man she wanted: a rugged cowboy. And in Texas they were everywhere! So why couldn't she take her eyes off brilliant professor Max Travers? He was a Wizard in mathematics who surely made love by the numbers. Yet every inch of him — no Stetson, no dusty boots — added up to dangerously sexy. … [Read more...]

Body Guard

Silhouette Desire #103 First published Dec, 1983 Body Guard Being saddled with a paid bodyguard for two weeks in Hawaii was not Sabrina's idea of a dream vacation. But her mother took the kidnapping threats seriously, so, like it or not, she was stuck with Jake Devlin as surely as if he were glue. Jake's job was to guard Sabrina's body with his own. And, as she discovered to her alarm, he was a man who took his work seriously. On a secluded moonlit balcony with Jake's hard, lean … [Read more...]


Silhouette Desire #67 First published May, 1983 Gamemaster Shelley Banning was an enterprising accountant determined to acquire aid for one of her financially ailing clients. Her first task was to secure a loan from Joel Cassidy, ruler of a successful video-game empire. But Joel was a masterful player. He challenged Shelley word for word, kiss for kiss, until her supple body ached with longing. Joel's love bewitched her senses; his caress engaged her in a frenzied love match. But … [Read more...]

Price of Surrender

Silhouette Desire #37 First published Jan, 1983 Price of Surrender An affair to remember. Holt Sinclaire thought everything had its price—until he met a woman who couldn't be bought. Adena West had come to him on a matter of business, but suddenly it was a different affair. With reckless courage she entered his corporate jungle, only to become passion's prey. Seduced by his lazy insinuating grace, she abandoned all caution in his arms, a prisoner of desire … [Read more...]