The Main Attraction

Harlequin Temptation #157 First published Mar, 1987 The Main Attraction You can never go home again . . . but Filomena Cromwell does, to small-minded Gallant Lake. Ten years earlier, mousy, overweight Filomena had left in absolute disgrace. Now rich and gorgeous, she wants her sweet, sweet revenge. Soon she has her ex-fiancé, who cheated on her with another woman, chasing her all over town. … [Read more...]

Second Wife

Silhouette Desire #307, Born in the USA #3: Arizona First published Oct, 1986 Second Wife To err is human. Flynn Rammage had not behaved well. Eight months ago, hurting from the breakup of his marriage, he'd been angry at the world. That hadn't stopped his attraction to Heather Devany, but he'd loved, then left her. Now he was back on her doorstep, wanting a second chance. But Heather wasn't interested; she'd been hurt too badly before. Flynn had just gotten custody of his young … [Read more...]

Gentle Pirate

Candlelight Ecstasy Romance #2 First published Dec, 1980 Gentle Pirate Simon Kendrick has been brought in to reorganize the company Kirsten Mallory works at and shows his intimidating nature in their first interview. But Kirsten isn't afraid to lose her job and as a professional librarian has written up exactly what her department does for the company. … [Read more...]

Trading Secrets

First published Jul, 1985 Trading Secrets Sabrina Chase meant only to have a casual fling. She never dreamed the rugged expatriate would appear in Dallas to rekindle passionate memories she preferred to forget. They were, she discovered, two of a kind. Sabrina had dropped out of the corporate world, while Matt August seemed to have turned his back on the military. But Matt was a mystery. An ex-major trained in Central American operations, he was as evasive about his return to the … [Read more...]


Silhouette Desire #211 First published Jun, 1985 Wizard Intellectual Sophia Bennett knew what kind of man she wanted: a rugged cowboy. And in Texas they were everywhere! So why couldn't she take her eyes off brilliant professor Max Travers? He was a Wizard in mathematics who surely made love by the numbers. Yet every inch of him — no Stetson, no dusty boots — added up to dangerously sexy. … [Read more...]

Double Dealing

First published Jul, 1984 Double Dealing She dangled the bait — and he bit. Suddenly Samantha Maitland had the funds to finance the deal of her lifetime — loaned by an angel with tarnished wings. From the moment they'd met at the posh California spa to his brash arrival at her island home on Puget Sound, venture capitalist Gabriel Sinclair had made it clear he wanted Samantha at any price. What would happen if he discovered the true motive behind her scheme to block Drew … [Read more...]

Body Guard

Silhouette Desire #103 First published Dec, 1983 Body Guard Being saddled with a paid bodyguard for two weeks in Hawaii was not Sabrina's idea of a dream vacation. But her mother took the kidnapping threats seriously, so, like it or not, she was stuck with Jake Devlin as surely as if he were glue. Jake's job was to guard Sabrina's body with his own. And, as she discovered to her alarm, he was a man who took his work seriously. On a secluded moonlit balcony with Jake's hard, lean … [Read more...]


Silhouette Desire #67 First published May, 1983 Gamemaster Shelley Banning was an enterprising accountant determined to acquire aid for one of her financially ailing clients. Her first task was to secure a loan from Joel Cassidy, ruler of a successful video-game empire. But Joel was a masterful player. He challenged Shelley word for word, kiss for kiss, until her supple body ached with longing. Joel's love bewitched her senses; his caress engaged her in a frenzied love match. But … [Read more...]

Conflict of Interest

Candlelight Ecstasy Romance #130 First published Apr, 1983 Conflict of Interest Beautiful Kali Havelock was all business. As VP of Interaction Automation, Inc., she was determined to outsmart the competition and corner the rights to the most advanced industrial robots. . .robots invented by the impossibly brilliant, outrageously handsome — and stubborn — Lang Sterling. Kali was a master of manipulation, but was it possible she'd miscalculated? She was about to offer … [Read more...]

Price of Surrender

Silhouette Desire #37 First published Jan, 1983 Price of Surrender An affair to remember. Holt Sinclaire thought everything had its price—until he met a woman who couldn't be bought. Adena West had come to him on a matter of business, but suddenly it was a different affair. With reckless courage she entered his corporate jungle, only to become passion's prey. Seduced by his lazy insinuating grace, she abandoned all caution in his arms, a prisoner of desire … [Read more...]